WinChloe & WinChloe light

WinChloe is a software devoted to chess problems written by Christian Poisson.

Since version 2.00, WinChloe has a bilingual interface : French and English

Main features :

  • Database
    • More than 890 000 problems recorded in the main table "Echecs"
    • 11 reference tables: authors (more than 22 000), sources, themes, conditions ...etc.
      An Internet connection is needed to update these tables.
    • Possibility to record chessboards from 1×1 to 250×250.
    • Formatted solution.
    • Filters and queries.
  • Edition
    • each record, i.e. each problem, including diagram (using "1Echecs" font), author(s) name, source, solution, themes... can be copied to the clipboard in RTF format, then pasted in a text editor such Word. Several problems can be copied at the same time.
      Since version 2.00, the text can be automatically copied in "MS Word" and/or " Writer".
  • Solving
    • a new solving program which knows :
      • 20 stipulations (direct, help, self ...).
        Since version 3.09 : solving of orthodox direct and selfmates is much faster. Also, it is multithreaded and can use an external 64-bits engine.

        For instance, on Intel(R) Core(TM) (4 cores - 8 threads) i7-3770 CPU 3.40GHz with 8 GB memory, Windows 8 64-bits :
        the following 8 is solved (key + variations with threats) in 2 s.
        Olivier SCHMITT, diagrammes 2009

        the following 11 is solved (key + variations with threats) in 8 minutes 33 s.
        Volker ZIPF, Problemschach 2009

        the following s9 is solved (key + variations) in 13 minutes 29 s.
        Udo DEGENER, Ceskoslovensky Šach 2006

        the following s=10 is solved (key + variations) in 10 s.
        Daniel PERONE, Ideal-Mate Review 2012


      • more than 140 aims (mate, stalemate, capture, ideal mate, model pin mate ...)
      • more than 1300 fairy pieces
      • more than 1100 fairy conditions, on any (normal, cylinder or anchor-ring) board from 1×1 to 250×250.
      • and which is able to recognize a lot of themes
    • It is also possible to use the old "Chloe" programs (on 32-bits system), and Pascal Wassong's "Natch" for proof games.
    • Since version 3.05 : it is possible to solve studies if the corresponding Nalimov tablebases are installed.
  • Miscellaneous
    • "Redaction mode" : you play the moves on the diagram and they are automatically written in the solution.
    • If you select a move in the solution, the corresponding position appears on the board.
    • It is possible to analyze orthodox studies or moremovers using a UCI engine (Houdini, Critter, Stockfish, Fruit, Rybka, Naum ...)
    • Some tutorials are available.
    • Statistics : number of problems by author, source, year ...
    • Possibility to save the diagram in PNG, BMP, GIF or JPEG format.
    • Possibility to regularly update the table "Echecs" (~ once a month).
    • Possibility to freely download new versions of WinChloe.
    • ...

WinChloe requires :

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10.
  • Internet connection.
  • 1 GB disk space.

WinChloe light allows only to browse the main Database, using eventually filters and queries like in WinChloe. But it is not possible to record nor to solve problems. And the interface is only in French (help in English).

WinChloe costs 200 Euros.
WinChloe light costs 40 Euros.

If you are interested, contact Christian Poisson

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